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Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum is a Immune Support Supplement for the whole family. Family health needs to be taken seriously for 35 years Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum Products have been helping you and your family build strong and health immune systems.


It’s the Alpha Lipid™ difference that makes Lifeline™ unique
Colostrum is well known for its health benefits, but not all colostrum products are created equal. To obtain the maximum benefits of colostrum it is important that as much natural bioactive colostrum is delivered to the body as possible.
Coating colostrum particles with the exclusive Alpha Lipid™ extract ensures they are protected as they pass through the harsh stomach environment.
The Alpha Lipid™ coating is both water and fat-soluble, improving dispersion & absorption of the colostrum particles into the body.
A large number of scientific studies now support the health benefits of colostrum, and New Image™ International has the only patent-protected colostrum product in the world.

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......Powerful Support For Your Immune System.....

.............Alpha Lipid™Colostrum for the whole family.......
Colostrum is naturally occurring, and its proteins and antibodies support your immune system helping you feel fit, healthy and protected.

Colostrum Life -Ultraboost Colostrum - High Potency Colostrum

With New And Constant Health Threats Now Is The Time To Build Your Immunity

Alpha Lipid Colostrum Capsules
Body - Receptors

Lactoferrin – Colostrum

Lactoferrin is a component found in colostrum and belongs to the transferrin family. As its name might suggest, it is a protein which is important in the metabolism of iron. Receptors are found all around the body in organs and cells for lactoferrin to bind.   It is an antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory protein which stimulates immune…

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Colostrum Life Gut Health

How Can You Improve Your Gut Health?

Gut health with every bite of food you take, you can change your gut flora. But in the modern diet we tend to overfeed the bad guys. To put it simply, ‘bad’ bacteria tend to feed on sugar and unhealthy fats (yes, I’m talking about junk food!). The single most important nutrient that good bacteria…

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Colostrum & Lactose


Lactose and Colostrum many people experience digestive discomfort and for some, it’s caused by ingredients in certain foods such as the naturally occurring sugar in milk. This sugar is called lactose and if we can’t digest it, we can end up with symptoms including: • Digestive upset• Bloating• Flatulence• Irregular bowel activity• Queasiness Lactose intolerance…

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Colostrum Life - Alpha Lipid Lifeline Colostrum

Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum Ingredients.

The Original Breakfast Shake Support your immunity with 1,600mg of Colostrum* containing 300mg of Immunoglobulins. Improve your gut health & digestive comfort with 1 billion probiotics per dose. Contains essential vitamins and minerals. 1,000mg of calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Assists the body’s natural repair process. Best taken as a pre-breakfast cold drink or…

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Colostrum Life Australia - Colostrum Family of products


Not all colostrum productsare created equal To obtain the maximum benefits of colostrum it isimportant that as much natural bioactive colostrum isdelivered to the body as possible. Coating colostrumparticles using the exclusive Alpha Lipid™ processensures they are protected as they pass through theharsh stomach environment. The Alpha Lipid™ coatingis both water and fat soluble, improving…

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Customers Reviews

Alpha Lipid™ Lifeline™ Colostrum

Alpha Lipid™Colostrum actually appears to do something. In the past when I was run down and wasn't getting enough sleep, invariably I would come down with a cold. Not now. It is really nothing short of amazing.

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Michelle Admas

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Buy 6 Cans of Alpha Lipid™LifeLine™ Colostrum 450g for $402.00 & Free Shipping


I ran across the Alpha Lipid™ Colostrum by accident - I was actually looking for something to boost my immune system  After taking it for awhile I noticed that my energy levels have improved and overall it made me feel better. I will keep on taking this.

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Mike Phan

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