Ultra Diet™ 2 week starter pack

Weight management meal supplement

Key features: 

  • NOW enhanced with the patented Alpha Lipid Delivery System!
  • Integral component of the Alpha Lipid Ultra Diet 2 programme.
  • Provides 40 grams protein per day – up to 66% of daily requirement.
  • Designed with ingredients to support normal blood sugar levels, satiety in between regular meals
  • Helps to maintain healthy weight as part of a weight management programme that includes dietary changes and exercise




Take back control of your body with Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2

Ultra Diet 2 week starter pack

Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2 is a protein and vitamin shake, designed to help
manage your weight, blood sugar and health.
  • High protein, low carbohydrates
  • High fuel, low calories
  • High nutrients, low cravings
  •  Isolated non-GMO soy protein & fibre (75%) – Supports blood sugar balance and healthy muscle mass
  • 13 vitamins (A through E) – Necessary for healthy metabolism, growth and red blood cells
  • 12 minerals (from calcium to zinc) – Vital for strong bones, cellular function and healing
  • 9 essential amino acids – The building blocks of protein
  • Protein – Packed full of great quality protein to fill and fuel your body naturally.
  • Ease – Simple to make, drink and enjoy; helps keep you full between meals, making healthy weight management easier.
  • Control – Used with a low-carb diet, manages your blood sugar levels and puts the control back in your hands.
New Image Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2 complies with international industry and food safety guidelines.
Your health is our priority!

Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet™ 2: Great quality, protein in a tasty, convenient shake. Provides up to 40g of Protein per day while supporting blood sugar balance and healthy muscle mass.

FibreMax™: Your detoxing superhero! Keeps you feeling full, assists with blood sugar control and swift detoxification and essential for healthy gut and bowel function.

New Image FibreMax

Carb-Bal: Your secret weapon. Manage your sugar cravings, reduce carbohydrate absorption, manage your blood sugar and stay on track with ease.

Carb-Bal capsules 90

Uriscan Ketone Strips: A daily test to ensure success. A simple test to check if you are burning fat. Test daily – no guesswork – if you are testing pink you are burning fat!

Lite Seasoner: Flavour added your way. A mineral seasoner with reduced sodium. Ready-to-use seasoning that provides potassium.

A safe & effective weight management programme. The Alpha Lipid™ Ultra Diet 2™ Programme makes it easy to get into ketosis and stay in the optimum fat burning zone. Combining vitamins, minerals and protein shakes, our low carb programme is more than just a diet, it’s a complete health & weight management system. We make it easy for you with pre-packed 2&4 -week boxes, everything you need to start losing weight immediately.